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Wait... What is Lucidity?

Lucidity is a tool that helps you explore your imagination and share it with others. Lucidity provides you with all the tools you need to build a 2D fantasy map and then turn it into a 3D navigable world!

When Would I Use Lucidity?

3D view of cool map
2D view of cool map

Whether you need a better way to describe to your players what they are seeing in your next Dungeons and Dragons game or you are doing some world building for a new fantasy novel, Lucidity is here to help you every step of the way!

How Do I Use Lucidity?

Map Editor

Simply follow the instructions on the “Download” page and then follow our User Guide to create a new map and begin building to your heart's desire!

How Much is Lucidity?

FREE! Lucidity was created by our team of 5 university students. We are continuing to try to make Lucidity better and currently have no intentions of making it paid anytime soon.

Meet The Team

Cameron Beaulieu Headshot

Cameron Beaulieu

Team Lead, Developer

Truman Be Headshot

Truman Be

Developer, Lead Technical Writer

Isabella Enriquez Headshot

Isabella Enriquez

Developer, UI/UX Designer

Josh Graham Headshot

Josh Graham

Developer, Webmaster

Tung Pham Headshot

Tung Pham



Lucidity is only in its Beta launch and with that, we get that some things are a bit buggy and some features are missing. We'd love to hear feedback from you so we can continue to make Lucidity better and better!